In my books, pedantically speaking, and in the more practical university called Life, Passion for me has been an ongoing journey. Taking a step forward and sometimes sideways to view things from another lens but advancing nonetheless, watching, listening, absorbing, the occasional fall & the quick stand-back-up act of dusting off & carrying on.

Being passionate does not always have to be a high amped emotion, something I thought for a large part of my life. It is an ongoing process, the daily taking of small & what may seem as inconsequential steps at the moment, it the bit by bit building of the life one wants to carve out. On certain days it can only be reflection and introspection, just taking stock of your goals & how far have you progressed or if you have moved at all. And other days it could be like a dead man’s ECG report (as long as that is not yours), it is okay !

It is okay to have days of quiet and days of excitable moments when it is hard to sit still and on other days sitting still is the only option amidst high energy frenzy of an F1 race track. Passionate moments can take different hues and different tempos.

A burst of creativity or a spurt of clever ideas alone whilst can fire passion up, may not be enough to sustain it. Passion is an ecosystem we build, moment by moment carefully crafting these moments with love. And an integral ingredient of passion is fun. I personally find it easier to absorb and deal with things when it is not all too serious. So it is of great merit in bringing out our sociability and meet with people who we believe can add value to our lives, to attend trainings and lectures that help us get out there where we want.

Taking and informed decision about things that baffle us are like strengthening the base & the walls of our passion and passionate lives. And having a few Gin o’clock moments is the added streak that often helps in churning some intellectually great ideas and sometimes even the elusive clear thinking.

So a penny for your passion or plenty for your passion … is a call only you can make & life you can create for yourself !!


Author: Pallavi Sidhra

I am a fiercely optimistic and a forward looking person. I enjoy travelling, learning, evolving and creating value right where I am. There is so much inspiration all around us, if one has the eye for it. I believe that one does not need to go searching for the truth but just ceasing to cherish our own opinions sets us rolling. After all we have only this life so why not make the journey a happy and inspirational one for as long as it lasts !

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