In my books, pedantically speaking, and in the more practical university called Life, Passion for me has been an ongoing journey. Taking a step forward and sometimes sideways to view things from another lens but advancing nonetheless, watching, listening, absorbing, the occasional fall & the quick stand-back-up act of dusting off & carrying on.

Being passionate does not always have to be a high amped emotion, something I thought for a large part of my life. It is an ongoing process, the daily taking of small & what may seem as inconsequential steps at the moment, it the bit by bit building of the life one wants to carve out. On certain days it can only be reflection and introspection, just taking stock of your goals & how far have you progressed or if you have moved at all. And other days it could be like a dead man’s ECG report (as long as that is not yours), it is okay !

It is okay to have days of quiet and days of excitable moments when it is hard to sit still and on other days sitting still is the only option amidst high energy frenzy of an F1 race track. Passionate moments can take different hues and different tempos.

A burst of creativity or a spurt of clever ideas alone whilst can fire passion up, may not be enough to sustain it. Passion is an ecosystem we build, moment by moment carefully crafting these moments with love. And an integral ingredient of passion is fun. I personally find it easier to absorb and deal with things when it is not all too serious. So it is of great merit in bringing out our sociability and meet with people who we believe can add value to our lives, to attend trainings and lectures that help us get out there where we want.

Taking and informed decision about things that baffle us are like strengthening the base & the walls of our passion and passionate lives. And having a few Gin o’clock moments is the added streak that often helps in churning some intellectually great ideas and sometimes even the elusive clear thinking.

So a penny for your passion or plenty for your passion … is a call only you can make & life you can create for yourself !!



Just last week I met a girl, an intelligent pretty girl, who had just moved from Bangalore to Mumbai. Her house looked great, she looked great, had a dog & a cute fluffy Persian cat but was unhappy at a deeper level. She said she was looking for a job in Mumbai but will start doing that full throttle once her driver comes back from his wedding leave, which still had 3 more weeks to go.
And I instantly asked her why did she want to wait for him to come back. Why could she not start in the NOW ?
And that got me thinking that we are all so accustomed to procrastination that often we make the happening of one event contingent on another event. SO for example, this pretty girl was waiting for her servant to come back to start the job search – two fairly unrelated events. And similarly we have umpteen such things, we continue to postpone because we are waiting for what we believe to be “The prefect moment”. We believe that once the kids school re-opens– I will start my morning walks, or we believe that once the entire house is spring cleaned only then will I get the new curtains, or we withhold buying that rocking chair because we are waiting for to shift into an apartment with a balcony or we believe that we will start painting once there is a spare room to keep the painting equipment and so on.
We are constantly in search of that perfect moment – which we believe is a perfect moment – but you know what – there is never a perfect time. “Right now” is the perfect time.
If we keep waiting for the perfect time, frankly we may never end up starting that thing we have been wanting to. Simply because when that thing- that we have been waiting for, does happen – there is something else that creeps in and becomes our priority or dependency. So it could be that when the males servant does come back from his wedding vacation – his wife cant cope with the city & he has to go elsewhere looking for a job or it could be that we never find a house with a balcony big enough for a rocking chair.
SO the key is not to procrastinate. Not to make two independent events dependent on each other and make that dependency as a reason for delay in checking off our bucket list. Also life is uncertain so we need to take action in the here & now. And take that action believing that even if not perfect, this is a Near perfect moment & then just get on with it.
At the end of the day, it is a choice we make – either to act now or decide to wait for something else to first happen. And guess what, in the meantime – precious time would be lost & life would have passed you by.
So remember – it is all in the NOW. And awareness of this fact is the greatest agent for Change !